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 Brush Side Vents (Jelluz)

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PostSubject: Brush Side Vents (Jelluz)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:34 pm

be nice this is my first ever tut and it for side intakes

Step 1:
Make a new Layer Ctrl+Shift+N and call it Outline
Select the brush tool, and set the width to 2-4. With a light green colour.
Select the pen tool with these options selected

Step 2:
Outline the shape of the pen tool. Then in the layers box select paths. Right click on the "Work Path ---> Stroke Path --> Ok

Step 3:
Erase any bits you dont like and add more bits using the line tool

Step 4:
Make another layer and call it "Intake"
Select the black area and fill it in with the brush tool
Ctrl-D to deselect

Step 5:
Ctrl-Shift-N Rename it lower
select the lower area and use the eyedropper tool to select the colour which appears most (in this case yellow). Then open the colour picker and move the circle up slightly to a lighter colour
Fill the area

Step 6:
Ctrl-Shift-N --> Rename Shading
Now select most of the side intake

Select the brush tool and change the size to 100 with a hardness of 0 and black
Then with the brush move along the upper edges and lower edges wit the edge to add the "shade"
Progressively gettin lighter as you get further away from the vent

Step 7:
Add highlights and extra features (mesh etc.) till ure finished

When ure done you should end up with something like this:

**if u guys nd ne hlp or want me 2 add neting jst msg me or leave a comment...**


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Brush Side Vents (Jelluz)
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