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 Signature Tutorial (bushido)

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PostSubject: Signature Tutorial (bushido)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:36 pm

Start a new document using the sizes shown in the pic below

Then go filter--render--clouds

Then get a nice set of brushes im using bash set 11 and start to brush goin from black to white untill u have somthing like this

Then get a pic and cut out the bg howeva u want to and paste it onto ur sig

Duplicate the pic layer and click on the orignal pic layer and go filter--blur--motion blur and aply these settings

Duplicate the blur layer loads of times and move it about till u get this

Set that to overlay and dupelicate the layers till u get this

Now time to add some txt get urself ova to and get some fonts im using rufa for this and once u got ur txt in place add some blendin options

Make a new layer above all the layers and go image aply image then do filter blur glausson blur and set that to 4.0 and set that layer to ovalay or soft light

Then just add some of ur own styles or use other ppl tuts go on and use and u got urself a sig ;D ;D ;D Razz Razz Razz

So did it help anyone????


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Signature Tutorial (bushido)
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