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 Wheel Change (EuroBoy)

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PostSubject: Wheel Change (EuroBoy)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:37 pm

right i see we dont have a tut on the site for change wheels so here how i do my wheels

stage 1
open up your base ill be useing this mk4 gti aniverty
and do some of your mods first like lower it to the hight you want

go around the arch line all the way around then right down to the ground then fill the selction black now you will have a black arch with out the wheel repeat this for front and rear

stage 3
find your donor rims, copy around the tyre so you have the tyre and rim its self and ye i going with the mk5 gti set
now after that move them into place may need some tranformtion but the correct shoes will fit perfect or nearly

stage 4
as you see the adges of the tyre go over the arch line so grab the rubber with low feather so it blends in and rub all around this also will give you a good wheel shawdow

once done both wheels youu have completed
here my finshed one


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Wheel Change (EuroBoy)
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