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 Carbon Fibre (Fanatix)

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PostSubject: Carbon Fibre (Fanatix)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:39 pm

k, ppl, this was my first tut ever, and i posted it on psu, and saved the quote in ms word as a backup, and now im banned over there, unfortunately, lol. enjoy, i hope it helpos the n00blets!

fanatix wrote:
this is my first tut so don't be hard on me
here we go:

1. first we open our base image, in my case toyota celica gt, and we go around the hood carefully with the poly lasso and then press ctrl+j( layer via copy). you should have two layers, bg and hood layer(layer1)
select hood layer and press ctrl+shift+u(desaturate) go to image-adjustments-variations and move the slider to coarse, click once on darker go to image-adjustments-brightness/contrast and increase the brightness to get a greyish shade to the hood

5.finally, get yourself a cf pattern you want to use, and stretch it to cover the hood click the layer with hood while holding down ctrl, hit ctrl+shift+i,
and now delete, in the layer box(cf layer) set blending options to overlay, you might wanna play with the opacity to increase the realism, hit ctrl+d to deselect and don't forget to merge layers(shift+ctrl+e) and save your work

i hope this tut helps, pm me if you need cf patterns
and just for comparison, here is my final product



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Carbon Fibre (Fanatix)
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