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 Wide Arches (photoshopper)

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PostSubject: Wide Arches (photoshopper)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:41 pm

Welcome to my wide arch tut...

Get your car at a decent angle like this, i like working with my cars facing right because im left handed lol.

select around the arch and the wheel, remember to always feather your selections by 0.5 so it dosnt look messy!

copy and paste the thing then nude it out a couple of places (in this case ctrl+shift+left arrow key)

Now you want to make another selection like this...

then smude the background layer across, you can make a duplicate bg layer incase you go wrong,

now de-select all that and touch everything up using the brush tool and a low opacity smudge tool. for the finishing touch i have added a small light reflection by using the white, soft brush tool. i have also added a small vent but you can do what ever you like.

And there you go, now sit back and look at what youve done, now you can do the front one but dont nudge it out as far as the rear

i hope this tutorial helped and once you have had practise you can make widebodykit with big vents and stuff.


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Wide Arches (photoshopper)
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