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 Wheel Change Negetive Camber (photoshopper)

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PostSubject: Wheel Change Negetive Camber (photoshopper)   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:49 pm

heres my beginer tutorial for negative camber wheels, i have a preety bad donor image so it didnt work out to well but im sure you can find better.

so start of with the wip you want to ad your wheels to..

then go to your donor image and select around the whole of the wheel that you can see...

now copy and paste it onto your wip, then free transform it so it fits, you want to rotate it anti clock wise in this case though by a bit so it negative camber...

now you should lower the opacity to 0, and make a selection like this around the arch, then feather by 0.5 and hit the del key, now you can put the opacity back up again...

but somthing doesnt look right huh?! now make another selection like the one shown and use a combination of the clone tool and the burn tool to brush the rest of the tyre, the burn tool will add shadow, if you have got a good enough donor image you wont need to do much of this, then once you have done that de-select it then ctrl+click the icon of the wheel layer, and add more shadow, not to much tho!

now you should be just about done! you can touch it up if you wish, now all you gotta do is the front one!

hope this helped and if you got any problems just pm me!


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Wheel Change Negetive Camber (photoshopper)
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